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mortgage larger than home's worth

Updated: May 13, 2011

"I Owe More Than My House Is Worth." - Kiplinger
But her mortgage balance is $364000, so the home she initially thought . Because their home is worth less than their loan, the refinance is considered high -risk. . stuck paying higher interest rates when the irresponsible ones get the breaks.


Don't Drown Your Underwater Mortgage – Programs for Mortgages ...
Jan 6, 2009 . Home > Mortgage Rates > Don't Drown Your Underwater Mortgage – Programs for Mortgages Larger than Your Home's Value .

Closed mortgage

American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent -
Dec 16, 2009 . Some are leaving behind their homes and mortgages right away, while others are . more on their mortgages than their homes are worth by the end of 2010. . It was bigger than their house on Caspian, had a pool with three .

Government Refinance Assistance
But mortgage interest rates may be significantly higher in a few months so contact us today if . who owe more on their home than the property is currently worth.

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Convertible mortgage

Is Your Mortgage Higher Than Your Home Value? | ...
Dec 4, 2008 . Over one-third of American's who purchased homes in the last five years are discovering that their home's value is less than the mortgage.

Down payment

VA Loan and Borrowing Greater Than Home Value
Can I borrow more than the value of my home with a VA home loan? Some borrowers wonder if it's possible to take out a VA mortgage for more than the value of .

Fixed rate mortgage

The New Mortgage Revolution: Walk Away | AOL Real Estate
Jan 25, 2010 . So why are you still writing a check every month on that mortgage that's much bigger than your home is actually worth? Good question .

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High ratio mortgage

Want to refinance your mortgage now? A checklist | Reuters Money
Oct 12, 2010 . If your loan is more than 80 percent of the value of your home, you'll likely to . rather than refinancing for an amount larger than the mortgage, .


Underwater On Your Home? Your Six Options | News + ...
Jul 11, 2011 . Gonzales owes about $476000 on a home worth roughly $263000. . a mortgage that's much larger than what you could sell your home for.

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Loan Modification, Mortgage Modification, Mortgage Restructuring ...
In February 2009, the government unveiled the Making Home Affordable . has a combined mortgage balance higher than the current market value of his house) .

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A second bubble? US homeowners face mortgage debts higher ...
Aug 13, 2009 . US homeowners face mortgage debts higher than house value . Home price declines will have their biggest impact on prime “conforming” .

What to Do About an Upside-Down Mortgage | Home Guides | SF Gate
An upside-down mortgage means the balance is larger than your home's value. mortgage image by hans slegers from The decline in home values .

Open mortgage

Refinance with LTV Greater Than 100%
Our home is worth a lot less than what we paid for it. We have a 5-year adjustable mortgage, which is about to come up for adjustment. Will we qualify for a .

Prime lending interest rate

When Your Home's Value is Less Than the Mortgage
With the real estate market cooling off some people are finding themselves in an awkward situation. For the first time in years the value of their home is less than .


Elika - Taking a Larger Mortgage Than You Need
Taking a larger Mortgage than you need may be a smart choice or a burden. . First, you will be able to add value to your home through renovations. Second .

Variable rate mortgage

Obama Mortgage Refinance Program - Mortgage Relief for ...
Check if you're eligible for Obama mortgage rescue plan to stop foreclosure, . job loss or make sense of a mortgage that is larger than the value of your home, .

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My house is worth how much?
Appraisers have the last word on a home's value, but homeowners can . wanted to refinance her mortgage, taken out when her home was appraised at $360000. . for instance, that the home is slightly bigger than others in the neighborhood.

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Factors that influence a home's appraisal value -
Jan 26, 2012 . If you're unable to repay your mortgage and the lender forecloses, . A larger home will generally be worth more than a smaller home, and a .


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      Making Home Affordable Programs Offer Help for Homeowners ...
      Your current mortgage loan does not exceed significantly more than what your home is worth. If the balance on your mortgage is larger than 125 percent of your .

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      If you are thinking about refinancing your mortgage you are not alone, but does it make sense for you?
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      Help for homeowners | The White House
      Feb 18, 2009 . "We must stem the spread of foreclosures and falling home values for all . on their mortgage payments but have seen their homes decrease in value? . Borrowers whose mortgage interest rates are much higher than the .

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