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Updated: May 13, 2011

I took a reverse mortgage in 2009, now a credit card company is ...
Jul 5, 2010 . Currently I have a reverse mortgage on my home. I…

Trying to get mortgage with judgements on my credi... - myFICO® Forums
Jul 24, 2009 . I have two judgements on my credit report that are both marked unpaid. I have paid them both. One was for an insurance company for an .


How Can I Get a Mortgage with a Judgment on My Credit? | Home ...
Mortgage companies consider judgments to be major derogatory credit items and do not often approve loans for borrowers who have them. A judge creates a .

Closed mortgage

Judgement(s) on your credit report
Oct 4, 2005 . If you have a judgement against you, the mortgage underwriter has to review the whole situation to see if this judgement represents the way .

mortgage foreclosure deficiency judgement bankruptcy cancellation ...
Florida asset protection attorney, offshore trusts, bankruptcy law, equity stripping, limited liability company and family limited partnership consulting by Jonathan .

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Convertible mortgage

Arizona 2nd Mortgage Short Sale Deficiency Judgement
I have been trying to complete a short sale of a home in Arizona. I purchased the house in 2006 through Chase Bank . I have a primary through .

Down payment

Deficiency judgment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A deficiency judgment is an unsecured money judgment against a borrower whose mortgage foreclosure sale did not produce sufficient funds to pay the .

Fixed rate mortgage

What happens after a judgement of foreclosure on a mortgage
What happens after a judgment of foreclosure on a mortgage? In very broad terms, the judgment creditor can apply to the court for a writ of sale and have the .

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High ratio mortgage

If they are over 62 years old they may qualify for a Reverse Mortgage which will fully protect their home from judgment creditors without having to make monthly .


Will You Have to Pay Deficiency Judgement from Foreclosure
Depending on whether the foreclosure is judicial or non-judicial, and the specific terms of the mortgage, the bank may not be able to seek a deficiency judgment.

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Washington Foreclosure Laws -
How are trust deeds or mortgage liens treated in Washington? . as ajudicial foreclosure proceeding where the court must issue a final judgment of foreclosure.

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Effect of Bankruptcy on Second Mortgage with Default Judgement
Sep 30, 2009 . Legal Help for Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7: Effect of Bankruptcy on Second Mortgage with Default Judgement. Oregon does it make more .

Can I discharge a judgement on an old second mortgage in Chapter ...
Two and a half years ago my first mortgage holder foreclosed and sold the property at public auction (to themselves) at a price just enough to cover the amount .

Can You Get a Mortgage With a Judgment on a Credit Report ...
Can You Get a Mortgage With a Judgment on a Credit Report?. If you stop making payments on a credit card or loan, the creditor or lender may take you to court, .

Open mortgage

Deficiency Judgment, A Mortgage Deficiency Judgment Company
Judgment Deficiency is a negotiation company that handles negotiations of mortgage deficiency judgments after foreclosure. If you and your family are facing a .

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Minnesota Bankruptcy and Housing Blog by Elizabeth Rosar ...
Feb 21, 2010 . We have a first mortgage and a second mortgage. Our second mortgage filed a Judgment against us on Oct 5th. Will they be able to collect .


Arizona Deficiency Judgment » To owe or not to owe, that is the ...
Feb 15, 2010 . B. The balance due on a mortgage foreclosure judgment after sale of the mortgaged property shall constitute a lien against other property of the .

Variable rate mortgage

Wisconsin Collection Laws
There is a judgement of foreclosure outstanding on the first mortgage in the amount of $208000. Will I be able to take posession without paying off the first .

Arizona Anti-Deficiency Law: Guide to Navigating Uncertainty
Perhaps due to a legislative drafting error, the mortgage anti-deficiency statute protects only the “judgment debtor”, i.e. the borrower. In contrast, the deed of trust .

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Nevada Mortgage Laws About Deficiency Judgment « NV Loan Mod ...
Nevada Mortgage Laws About Deficiency Judgment. NEVADA MORTGAGE LAWS: In this session, we are going to discuss in somewhat greater details the .

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How Can You Refinance With a Judgment? | Home Guides | SF Gate
A money judgment is a court award given to a business or individual against the . A borrower looking to refinance a mortgage, or get a new loan to pay off an .


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